Selling scrap metal is a great way that can earn you some extra money. For this reason, you need to consider various factors when choosing a scrap yard to take your scrap metals. Even after sorting out your metals and finding out the best scrap yard for your scrap metals based on such things as prices, location, and reputation among others, it is important to be strategic in your timing when taking your scrap metals to the salvage or scrap yard. Understanding the operation of the scrap yard can help you know the best timing, but the following are good places to start.  

Timing within the Week

You will want to take your scrap metal to the yard at a time when not so many people are being attended to. Since scrap metal price are prone to fluctuations, having so many people selling their scrap metal at the same time may affect the prices.  You also don't want to take too long in the yard. For such reasons, the weekends may not be the best times to visit the yard because so many people are likely to be free and would, therefore, be bringing in their scrap.

For this reason, probably the best possible time to take your scrap metal to the yard would be midweek (Tuesdays to Thursdays) because Mondays could be busy as people drop off their loads before heading to work, while on Fridays, they could be collecting all their scrap metals to bring in.

Timing within the Month

It may be difficult to determine the exact time to scrap within the month based on the operations of the yard. However, keep in mind that at the beginning or end of the month, there are high chances of renters moving in or out. For this reason, it can be a good idea to scrap around such times when people may no longer be in need of stuff such as bed frames or shelves among others.

Timing within the Year

It will prove really difficult finding scrap metals or even the best prices for the metals during winter. This is because winter is a time when the construction industry slows down, reducing the demand for steel and other metals. For this reason, prices will drop as well. Warmer months would be ideal, especially because of the increase in construction activity. Since new repairs or projects would have to be held off during winter, you may benefit more by scraping as much as possible during spring.