Whenever you are using trusted information provided to you by your customers, you have to be extra careful to not accidentally abuse their trust. There are many ways that new businesses can fall into this trap, and sometimes it can lead to their eventual downfall if you are not careful. Of course, you are a long way from that right now, but it is important to remember why document shredding is so commonplace and important in virtually all consumer and client-based businesses. Here are a few reasons why you should always use external document shredding companies rather than doing it yourself.


You will very quickly find out, if you haven't already, that shredding hundreds of sheets of paper every day is not a fun thing that you want to be doing. The types of shredders that you can buy, which don't cost you an arm and a leg, do not have a very fast rate of destruction. That means it can take over an hour to shred all the paperwork that you have to get rid of every day, which involves paying someone to do just that if you don't do it yourself. When document shredding is this much of a hassle, it means that you are more likely to not do it and instead take shortcuts and simply throw your paperwork out, which is where many new businesses get into trouble.

Simple To Set Up

Document shredding by external companies is actually very simple to organise. All you need to do is count up how many collections of paper you need to be shredded in a week (or month), and the service will provide you with special bins that you keep in your office. When the paperwork is no longer needed, you put it in there, and on collection day, those bins are removed and replaced with new ones by someone from the company, with no work needed from you or any of your employees. This paperwork is then taken to the main shredding unit, where it is dispatched in seconds.

Consumer Expectation

Perhaps the main reason why you shouldn't shred your own documents is that the consumers and clients you work with will expect you to use these professional services. If you don't, then it can raise minor red flags that can sow doubt in their opinion of you. It is kind of an industry standard that every company in possession of your data uses external document shredding to showcase they have nothing to hide and prove to consumers they take their information very seriously.