If you are in the business of collecting scrap metal or you recently opened a company that manufactures products that contain metal parts, you will have scrap metal that can be turned into serious cash. Instead of throwing them away as waste, you can actually make some money and still conserve the environment by reducing pollution. However, you need to know the scrap metal that is more valuable and those that aren't. This post outlines some valuable scrap metal you should sell.


One of the most popular metals found around most homes is copper, and it's also highly sought after in scrap yards. Why is copper one of the most coveted metals? The energy that's required to create this metal from virgin ores is extremely high, not to mention the extensive effort that's needed to complete the task successfully. For this reason, manufacturers prefer recycling copper since the process is less costly.

When recycling this scrap metal, all the copper is recovered, and the energy, effort and expenses are minimal. Therefore, any item that contains copper is a valuable choice of scrap. Copper is often found in plumbing pipes, motors and power cords.


Most people have many old objects that lie in the garage or house that contain brass components. Although those items may seem useless, they can fetch you money. Do you have many items that look like gold but they aren't made of gold? Perhaps it is brass. Usually, brass is found in old ornamental items like trophies, plates and candlesticks, as well as other forms of fittings, bed frames and door knockers/handles.


Another metal manufacturers like to recycle is aluminium because it saves energy and emits less gas. When aluminium is recycled, industries don't need to use raw materials like aluminium fluoride, caustic soda and lime. The best thing about aluminium scraps is that they can be recycled multiple times and their quality will still be retained. You can find aluminium in old electronic devices like game consoles and computers, old window frames, car parts, bike frames and packaging items like cans. Any of these scraps will give you high returns.

To make more money, be sure to check out numerous scrap metal buyers to get more value for your scraps. It shouldn't be difficult to find a reputable buyer in your area. Once you are in business you can enquire about other scrap metals and their cost. This information will help you make informed decisions and make more from scraps.