Selling any kind of scrap metal can be a good way to earn some extra money. If you've collected some unwanted metal, you can sell it yourself at a scrapyard or auction site. By being smart about the process, you can increase the value of what you're selling. This article will give you some top tips which will help you to get the most out of your next scrap metal deal.

Get lots of quotes

When selling scrap metal, you want to get top dollar. Instead of accepting the first offer for your metals, take some time to talk to a few different companies. You should consider getting a second or third quote. Scrap prices vary from one reseller to the next based on what they need at the time. A business with lots of the same kind of scrap as you will offer you less than one who really needs your material. Different scrap metal dealers have different prices, so when you get multiple quotes, you'll be sure to get the most money for your metals.

Separate valuable metals

Sometimes, metal dealers employ job lot pricing. It's when the dealer gives you a discount if you sell them scrap in one load instead of many loads or if the scrap you are selling is mixed in with other scrap. If your metal is valuable instead of common, however, you could be losing out on a good price for it by mixing it with other metals. You may receive a higher price if you clean your metal scrap before taking it to be processed.

Clean the metal

Metal which is recovered from a construction job can sometimes be soiled and covered in all kinds of grime. Removing this grime has a cost so cleansing off oil, dirt or grease can increase the price you receive in return, as the dealer does not have to remove these substances.

Don't act too soon

The scrap metal market is volatile. Any number of factors could make your scrap metal lose value, including market demand and its current valuation. If you're thinking about selling it now, it could be worthwhile keeping an eye on the current prices then waiting a few days. A price change could mean the difference between failing to break even and uncovering a goldmine.

If you're interested in finding out more, you should get in touch with a local recycling company which accepts scrap metals.